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Do not worry if your washing machine is not working properly, and you are not sure whats the fault in it, you have chosen the right repair services! Al Aqeeq Tech Services. we have a highly trained and experts technicians team. We ave also a list of symptoms which commonly occur in washing machines. you just book an appointment by using our online form and mention the symptom your appliance is experiencing and we'll show you how to troubleshoot the problem quickly and in affordable price, and parts are at fault. we guarantee all our workmanship and parts.


A washing machine makes loud noise , from the rattle of a pump motor, to the squealing of a belt or worn tub bearings.

Timer will not advance?

Determine why your washing machine timer will not advance may caused by a fault in the parts, like the lid switch, timer motor, water level control and drain pump.

Shakes and moves?

A washing machine that shakes and moves may caused by a fault in the parts, tub dampening straps and leveling legs.

Will not fill with water?

A washing machine will not fill with water if have fault in inlet hose, lid switch and a water inlet valve.

Burning smell?

If there is a burning smell coming from your washing machine, which may caused by a fault in the parts , like drive belts to motor pulleys.


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Don`t worry when it comes to selecting an appliance repair Service to take care of your home needs, Al Aqeeq Tech Services makes your decision right. We offer affordable best pricing, courteous and reliable service from trained experts, and guarantee all our workmanship and parts.